Remember CrossfireX? It's Added A New Map & More In July's Update

Ah, we have to admit we'd sort of forgotten about CrossfireX. The first-person shooter, co-developed by famous developer Remedy, launched earlier this year and was incredibly disappointing. Even more so the multiplayer, created by Smilegate, which barely functioned at launch. Well, since then the team has been steadily stabilising things, and now some new content is on its way.

Let's start things off with a look at the new map. 'Valley' is out now for the Team Deathmatch mode on CrossfireX, and it works across both the 'Classic' and 'Modern' styles of play. Here's a look at its perilous landscape:

Crossfire Map

The other core piece of new content comes in the form of the PG9 SMG, which costs 2,000 GP to unlock. This is basically the P90 SMG from various other modern shooters.

If you are still playing CrossfireX's multiplayer, the developer has also made a host of other changes to gameplay balance, the game's UI and more, along with implementing a bunch of bug fixes. For the full list, check out the dev post.

Will you be trying out this new CrossfireX map? Or had you forgotten about this one like us? Let us know!