Random: There's A Version Of Halo With Multiplayer On Nintendo 3DS

You've seen Halo games on Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Maybe you've played one or two on PC, especially since Halo: Master Chief Collection arrived on the platform in 2019. However, you've probably not seen Halo on Nintendo 3DS, but did you know that it does exist?

Reddit user deliciousprisms recently took to the Halo subreddit to show, well, a version of Halo running on a 3DS console. It looks a bit like those 'demakes' you see floating around (like this Elden Ring one), where modders and developers transport modern games back to the past. It's been around for a few years, known as "Halo Revamped", and it also exists on the Sony PSP and even the SEGA Dreamcast!

This particular effort is a "Halo style Quake mod" that features multiplayer, with the user above loading up Halo 2's 'Lockout' map for a quick bash. Having said that, we had to head to the comments to spot that, as it's safe to say the visuals look quite a bit different!

To access this on Nintendo 3DS you'll need to install homebrew - which basically requires modifying your 3DS console. We don't endorse doing this, but it's interesting to see Halo running on Nintendo's handheld all the same.

These sorts of portable Halo efforts aren't new. A quick YouTube search offers up a few different results, including a weird original DS version that IGN mysteriously posted footage of about 11 years ago. What could have been!

Would you play Halo on 3DS? Or would you prefer MS to release their own handheld? Let us know below!

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