Halo Rocket

You know when you pull off the perfect move in a video game and think 'that'd be badass to do in real life'? Well, there's not much that's as badass as landing the perfect rocket launcher shot in Halo, and someone's now taken it upon themselves to do just that in real life (minus the splattered enemies, of course).

Yep, some mad lad has dressed up as the Chief himself, headed out to a military testing course of some sort and just stared firing rockets from a model Halo rocket launcher. And by model we mean replica — it certainly isn't any smaller anyway; look at this size of this thing!

This is just a great clip overall. We've got a rockin' cover of the Halo theme tune blasting over the top, we've got dudes riding a model mongoose firing Halo rockets. Just good stuff all around really!

If you're wondering where this clip actually originates from, YouTuber Jairus Of All spent considerable time designing this thing, building it, testing it on targets and just generally messing about with a replica Halo rocket. Here's their latest video showcasing this beast in action:

In other 'random' Xbox news, how about this stack of remarkably realistic game cases that are actually a cake? Yeah, really.

What Halo weapon would you recreate as a replica? Let us know in the comments!