As part of Nacon Connect 2022 earlier this week, the company announced a variety of new accessories for the Xbox brand, including a new variant of the Pro Compact controller called the Pro Compact Colorlight.

This seems very similar to the standard version of the Pro Compact, which we reviewed here at Pure Xbox last year, but it also adds in a transparent shell and six independent LEDs that can display 25 different colours, supposedly offering "several trillion colour customisation options". The Pro Compact Colorlight is set to release this fall.

Elsewhere, the DAIJA Arcade Stick is releasing for Xbox Series X and Series S at the end of 2022, serving as "an enhanced and customisable version" of the controller that is already available for PlayStation 4. The trailer below only mentions PlayStation and PC, but we've been advised in a press release that Xbox is on the cards as well.

Finally, the RIG Pro series of headsets are set to arrive in Europe later this year, in the form of the RIG 300 Pro Series, the RIG 500 Pro Series and the RIG 800 Pro Series. Here's a breakdown of each of these:

RIG 300 Pro Series

Play better for longer with the uncompromising performance of the 300 PRO Series. Available for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, the 300 PRO features oversized, noise-isolating earcups encompass precision tuned 40MM drivers. An ultralight flexible and durable headband is coupled with fabric covered ear cushions that provide enduring comfort.

RIG 500 Pro Series

Designed for Console and PC gaming, the RIG 500 PRO Gen 2 features an all-new steel frame which is lightweight, highly durable and flexible. The dual-material ear cushions help block outside noise while also providing enduring comfort. Signature RIG exoskeleton earcups encompass low distortion 50mm drivers that are engineered for 3D game audio. Including a 2-year Dolby Atmos activation code.

RIG 800 Pro Series

Available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, the 800 PRO Series takes it to the next level with a new multi function base station which provides wireless connection and seamless charging for the headset. The removable USB wireless adapter can also plug directly into your console, PC or laptop allowing you to dock and charge your headset anywhere. 24 hour battery life, signature lightweight
headband with self-adjusting head strap and dual-material ear cushions let you game in comfort for hours.

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