MultiVersus Fans Are Loving The Game, But Hating The Monetization

Xbox fans have been waiting a very long time for a proper alternative to Nintendo's Super Smash. Bros franchise on the platform, and while Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl came close, it looks like MultiVersus is the game that's finally going to generate the kind of mainstream popularity that Smash Bros. has attracted over the past couple of decades.

The game, which allows you to complete in everything from 1v1 to 4v4 battles both online and in local play, is packed with memorable characters and maps from the Warner Bros. universe, and also features the likes of loadout customisation, dedicated servers with cross-play and cross-progression support, and a whole lot more.

Right now, MultiVersus is going through its Early Access period, open to anyone who played the Closed Alpha or who obtains a code via Twitch Drops. There's also another way to get access via the Founder's Packs, but the cost of those packs - and the game's monetization in general - hasn't been going down well over the past 24 hours:

It's also been pointed out that unlocking characters in MultiVersus is far more of a grind than it was in the Alpha period, although if you just want to play the game locally, a bonus is that all characters and perks are free from the outset.

As for the gameplay itself? It's getting a great reception. Fans seem to be loving the battles in MultiVersus, and we also had a lot of great things to say when we went hands-on during the closed alpha period back in May:

"MultiVersus already feels like a slick and polished platform fighter packed full of colourful and addictive action that manages to nail the personalities of its wacky roster of combatants. There's a nice level of depth to the action here, jump into the tutorials or get into the advanced moves whilst training in the lab and you'll find aerials, wall-hopping, fast falls, armor break attacks and attack decay (use a move too often and it weakens) all await you, so those wishing to dig a little deeper have certainly got something to work with."

If you want to try MultiVersus for yourself, the game will enter into an Open Beta on Tuesday, July 26th, so anyone will be able to download it and try it out. In the meantime, let us know if you're playing in the Early Access period!

Had a chance to try MultiVersus yet? Let us know your impressions down in the comments below.