Multiple Indies Are Jumping From PlayStation To Xbox This Winter

Yesterday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2022 ended up being pretty darn good from an Xbox perspective, with multiple games announced for Xbox Game Pass. Plus, we got the announcement that three titles will finally be jumping from PlayStation to Xbox this winter, with two of them also coming to the Game Pass service.

So, what are they? Firstly, we've got The Pathless, which is a highly-rated mythic adventure from the creators of ABZÛ. It's unfortunately not coming to Xbox Game Pass, but nevertheless is worth looking out for later this year. Our sister site Push Square gave it an "Excellent" 9/10 when it released for PS5 in 2020:

"The Pathless is an incredible experience, and easily one of the best launch titles available on the PS5 in what is already an excellent selection. A wondrous, beautiful open world with innumerable locations and secrets to uncover is placed alongside a moving narrative further heightened by an unexpectedly tender relationship between player and bird."

The other two games are going to be Xbox Game Pass titles, in the form of Maquette and Solar Ash. The former is a first-person recursive puzzle game which Push Square gave a "Good" 7/10, while Solar Ash is is the latest game from the Hyper Light Drifter devs, which Push Square also awarded a "Good" 7/10 rating last year.

You can check out trailers for all three games below, although none have received a definitive release date yet.

Liking the look of these? Played them before? Let us know down in the comments below.