A few games have already been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in August 2022, and one of those is the "brutal and hyper-kinetic brawling ballet", Midnight Fight Express. It's coming to the service at launch on August 23rd.

You'll play as a former member of the criminal underworld in a mission to prevent a citywide criminal takeover, with a mysterious AI drone accompanying you along the way. The game features 41 hand-crafted levels in which you'll battle with melee - along with a whole bunch of weapons, from shotgun blasts to furniture and toilet plungers!

Here's a bit more about what to expect from the gameplay:

Tangle with waves of foes with the finesse of an action-movie master. Punch, dodge, counter, and finish off enemies in fluid and visceral combat featuring mo-cap animation by motion artist and stunt performer Eric Jacobus. Custom difficulty modes allow any player to direct the action to their preference.

Complement your melee moves with knives, axes, and sledgehammers. Wield a wild array of pistol fire, shotgun blasts, and explosives. Weaponize everything from furniture to toilet plungers. Take advantage of the urban world around you to score increasingly outrageous takedowns and clean up the streets.

Ahead of the release, Humble Games (the publisher) has just released a new behind-the-scenes video showcasing the mocap for the game, and it's definitely an interesting watch. You can check it out at the bottom of this article.

Look out for Midnight Fight Express on Xbox Game Pass in about a month's time! We can't wait...

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