One of the games to look forward to in July 2022's Xbox Game Pass lineup is Immortality, which arrives day one on the service on Tuesday. July 26th, and is highly-anticipated as it's the next game from Her Story designer, Sam Barlow.

It looks and sounds like a fascinating "interactive film trilogy", in which your goal is to explore footage from the lost movies of Marissa Marcel, and use those videos to discover what happened to her.

We're still somewhat in the dark about what to expect from Immortality, but a few outlets have been hands-on with the game already, and based on the previews we've seen so far, it's sounding like a great upcoming addition to Game Pass.

Here are some samples of what certain critics have been saying about Immortality:


"I feel like I only got to scratch the surface of Immortality and its mysteries before the demo ends, but I was surprised by just how invested I became in such a short amount of time. I can already see myself spending a lot of time getting lost in all of the little details and nuances of each scene in Immortality, and I can't wait to get to the root of it all."


"Well folks, I have no idea what Immortality is. I played half an hour of Sam Barlow’s upcoming FMV title as part of the Tribeca Game Selection, and it was probably the most interesting half an hour I spent across all the demos I sampled - but I’m not sure I know why."

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"Based on a demo I played at Tribeca Fest, Immortality is not only shaping up to be Barlow’s most ambitious work to date, but perhaps the most impressive FMV projects ever. It’s a staggering interactive experience that I can’t stop thinking about days after playing it."

Seems like there's quite a bit of high praise floating around, then! You can look forward to checking out Immortality on Xbox Game Pass in just a few weeks on July 26th, and until then here are some screenshots:

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