Halo Infinite Co-Op
Image: Xbox

The Halo Infinite campaign was like no other entry in the series, and as much as we loved roaming around Zeta Halo, one minor issue was that there was no mission replay system.

Once you completed a major mission in the game, that was it - you either carried on or would be required to start a new save file in order to relive the moment.

Fortunately, 343 has previously mentioned how it's aware of players who would like to replay missions, and now in the latest update on Halo Waypoint, it's detailed how the new "Mission Replay" feature will be delivered alongside the game's Network Co-Op update.

The game's 'Network Co-Op Preview' will target the week of July 11th and the Season 2 roadmap mentioned it would drop around "late August", so the "Mission Replay" mode should also be released then.

In 343's update, it explained how the "more open nature of Infinite" posed new creative challenges, compared to traditional mission structures. So in this game, the Tac-Map will be used as a "gateway" to interacting with individual missions:

"In both Solo and Co-Op play, you can open your Tac-Map, highlight a completed mission, and then choose Replay. You will then be prompted to select the difficulty and be offered to activate any Skulls you (or your teammates) have collected.

"Setting a mission to replay resets it and teleports you (and your fireteam) to the location to tackle the challenge. You are free to wander off to do something else, Fast Travel away, or resume your furthest main mission."

As part of this new mode, 343 will be adding in some new achievements - some of the Mission Replay achievements will be targeted at "immaculate play challenges". Co-Op will be getting achievements, too.

Are you looking forward to the "Mission Replay" feature? More excited about Co-Op? Tell us below.

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