Halo Infinite 'Forge Mode' Leaks Show Flashy Weather & Day/Night Effects

A lot of us have been waiting to see what 343 Industries is cooking up with Halo Infinite's Forge mode. The team has been fairly tight-lipped on the feature so far, other than the fact that they're aiming for a full public launch during Season 3.

Ahead of flighting (beta testing) — which is expected in the coming months — some PC players have managed to access early builds of forge mode, and yep, the leaks are starting to trickle out. What's stuck out the most from the clips we've seen so far is an impressive level of customisation with things like day/night and weather effects.

This is all early footage and as a result, it might look a bit wonky. Still, the fact that you can just slam lightning forks across maps in Forge mode is pretty sweet. Here's a quick clip of a user adjusting the time of day as well, as the mode looks to bring over Halo Infinite campaign elements.

Certain features look to be returning as well; some whackier than others. Another leaked clip shows the 'welding' mechanic return from Halo 5 - in this case being used to stick three mongooses together:

These PC-based leaks are also highlighting general upcoming Infinite features, including weapons not currently seen in-game. Most of you will know of this one:

For now, we don't have any firm dates on when, or even if, all of these features will be added to public builds of Halo Infinite. Still, it's cool to see what 343 is working on ahead of the campaign co-op and Forge mode launches later this year.

What feature do you want to see in Halo Infinite forge? Let us know down below!