Halo Infinite Art Director Leaves 343 After Near 15-Year Career At Xbox

One of the core developers on Halo Infinite is moving on this year, following a mammoth career at the Xbox-owned studio. Art Director on various Halo projects including Infinite, 'Sparth' (real name Nicolas Bouvier) has announced their departure shortly after Infinite's launch, which finally arrived late last year.

The well-known developer has posted a statement on social media, wishing all the best to his fellow colleagues over at 343 Industries. "All good things come to an end", the post reads.

It's not just Sparth's work on Halo Infinite that's well known. The artist had a major hand in both Halo 4 and Halo 5 development, as evidenced by their ArtStation page which shows some incredible artwork from the 343 era of Halo.

As for what's next? The developer hasn't revealed that just yet. All we know is that Sparth is leaving Microsoft as a whole, as they believe it's time to "pursue other opportunities" outside the walls of the Redmond-based company.

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