God Of War's Cory Barlog Is 'So F***ing Excited' For Starfield

It's safe to say we're all pretty excited for Starfield. Bethesda's first new IP in over a decade has been a long time coming, and following Xbox's purchase of Bethesda, it'll be a console exclusive for Xbox Series X|S! However, that isn't stopping PlayStation folk from getting hyped for it.

God of War's longtime director Cory Barlog just took to Twitter to let us all know how excited he is for Bethesda's upcoming RPG. We've edited out some of the naughty language...

"I am so f***ing excited for Starfield. I'm taking time off when that s**t comes out."

It's hardly a surprise that Barlog's reply stems from a pretty pointless graph, comparing general fan 'interest' in Starfield compared to God of War. Still, it's nice to get a positive response from it, by a PlayStation developer no less.

Are you this excited for Starfield next Spring? Let us know below!

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