Freddy Funko

Funko has done its upmost to bring just about every single video game character ever to the real world, in the form of 'Funko Pops', which we're sure you've all heard of by now. Well, in an unexpected twist, Funko is now going digital.

The figurine company is teaming up with 10:10 Games to create 'Triple A' titles across both generations of consoles, and PC of course. Neither company has revealed what types of games they're making, other than that there's more than one in development as part of an ongoing partnership.

The announce video stars this little freckled Funko called Freddy, who appears to be a mascot of some sort. Apparently we can all 'unbox' the guy (i.e, the games) "soon", so expect an announcement in the near future on what exactly this partnership will deliver.

Would you play a 'Funko Pop' game? If so, what genre would you like to see tackled? Let us know!