Forza Motorsport Pit

Forza Motorsport finally got its time to shine at the recent Xbox Games Showcase 2022, in fact, we thought it was probably the most impressive next-gen game of the show! We've not heard much about it since mind, but developer Turn 10 has just dropped a nugget of info about one of the title's new systems.

The Forza Motorsport reboot will introduce a new "corner mastery system" that hopes to enable faster lap times across the board. The feature is all about practising the trickiest sections of the track, while providing an incentive in the form of friendly competition, in real time.

This seems like a concerted effort to make things feel more instantaneous as opposed to a traditional lap time leaderboard system. We're not sure yet if such goals will carry over to other sections of the game, but that'd make a whole lot of sense.

If you didn't catch much of the Forza reboot showing last month (we don't blame you, there was a lot going on!), then here's the grand gameplay reveal for you to feast your eyes on.

Will you be happy if Forza Motorsport becomes "more social and connected"? Let us know in the comments!