It Might Be A Mistake, But Far Cry 6 Is Being Advertised For Xbox Game Pass

Update: Well, as we suspected, it turns out this was just a simple mistake on Xbox's part. Ubisoft has reached out to True Achievements to confirm this, which means there are no plans to bring Far Cry 6 to Game Pass for now.

Sad times!

Original story: We've seen a bunch of Ubisoft games arrive on Xbox Game Pass recently, such as Assassin's Creed Origins and Watch Dogs 2, and now a Game Pass advertisement has hinted that Far Cry 6 could next in line for the service.

This banner seems to have been appearing on the dashboard in multiple regions, sitting alongside games that have already been added to Game Pass in the form of Sniper Elite 4, Naraka: Bladepoint and Assassin's Creed Origins:

There are definitely reasons to be sceptical here though, primarily because Far Cry 5 was only added to Xbox Game Pass earlier this month, so it's very possible that the wrong image was chosen for this banner by accident.

But who knows? Hopefully we'll get some official confirmation on this in the near future.

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