Fall Guys Grandis

Fall Guys has been a massive hit since it arrived on Xbox last month as a free-to-play game, and if you're interested in adding a free skin to your collection, you'll be glad to know that all players have been treated to an extra special one.

This was teased on Twitter yesterday with a very suggestive picture, leading to the tweet getting over 230k likes and tens of thousands of retweets. Here's a look at how the news was presented on Monday:

The actual outfit itself isn't as suggestive as it might seem at first glance, basically taking the form of a standard Fall Guy with a stretched neck. It's known as Grandis, and you can see an image of it above.

To claim your free skin in Fall Guys on Xbox (or any other platform), all you need to do is load up the game, navigate to the Outfits section, and then look for the Grandis option somewhere in the Upper section.

The reason for the freebie? Fall Guys has been having some issues with accidental purchases recently, which means plans are in place to improve the design of the store, and the Grandis skin is a bonus as a way of saying "sorry". Enjoy!

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