Evil Dead: The Game Adds Exploration Mode And 'Castle Kandar' Map In Free Update

'Evil Dead' recently made its way over to the asymmetric multiplayer world, made popular by the likes of Dead by Daylight. Just like the latter title, developer Saber Interactive is keen on updating Evil Dead: The Game to keep things fresh, and its latest content drop is quite a big one.

The game's 'Army of Darkness' update is out now, featuring a new exploration mode for slower-paced action and for the first time since launch, a brand-new map.

The update also delivers new tools for players to go hands-on with, including the new mace and explosive crossbow weapons. They sound pretty handy for tackling demons in Castle Kandar!

As expected, the update arrives with a bunch of other additions, bug fixes and balance changes, as detailed by the developer in a new blog post. Perhaps the biggest change here is a new performance mode for Xbox Series S users, although exactly what shape that takes hasn't been detailed.

Are you still playing Evil Dead: The Game? Is it living up to expectations? Let us know!