Update (Fri 22nd Jul, 2022): We've now got an official date for Dragon Ball: The Breakers, along with a new trailer! The game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on October 14th, 2022.

Original story (Tue 16th Nov, 2021): Bandai Namco Europe has just announced a brand new Dragon Ball game in the form of Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

As highlighted by @wario64 over on Twitter, this new title will see a release across multiple platforms and features asymmetrical multiplayer Dragon Ball action.

According to Bandai Namco Europe's official web page, Dragon Ball: The Breakers will see a closed beta in the coming months, although this will be limited to PC, in order to let players get their hands on what the game has to offer.

The official press release on the site gives a little more background into what we can expect from this one:

"Taking place in the DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE universe, DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS allows you to play as one of the iconic rivals of the franchise, the “Raider” , or one of the seven “Survivors” with no super powers. The Raider will have to use its overwhelming power to eliminate the ”Survivors”.

These regular civilians have been caught in a “Temporal Seam”, trapping them in a place where space and time are in disarray, and will have to cooperate in order to push back the Raider and escape using the Super Time Machine. Players can also utilize various items on the field and try escaping the field strategically."

You can also check out the game's official announcement trailer below!

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