One of the many games that was added to Xbox Game Pass last week was rhythm title DJMax Respect V, which fans have been enjoying on PlayStation 4 and PC for years now, but its Xbox port has been getting some mixed feedback.

Basically, it comes down to complaints that the Xbox port is "lazy", primarily because the majority of the instructions are geared around PC rather than console, along with quite a few reports of irritating latency problems.

Here's a sample of some of the concerns we've seen over the past week:

GhoulSlaying on Reddit: "Yeah, the port is pretty lazy but I've been having a lot of fun playing it these last few days. I also noticed a delay when I started it but turning off Dolby Atmos in the console's setting seemed to fix it altogether for me. If that won't fix your issue, then the game does have an "adjust note output time" option for you to fine tune it for up to 300ms of delay. There's also an "adjust judgement time" option which may also help."

Fortunately, despite some concerns, we've also seen a fair few people stating that they're really enjoying DJMax Respect V on Xbox Game Pass, and in terms of latency, it's seemingly more of an issue for some players than others.

We're interested to know how you're getting on with DJMax Respect V on Xbox down below. Have you run into problems with the controls and/or the latency? Let us know in the comments section!