Digimon Survive Is Out Now On Xbox, And Early Impressions Seem Pretty Good

We've barely heard anything about it from Bandai Namco over the past month, but the new Digimon Survive game has indeed released today on Xbox, and the (very) early impressions from players seem to be pretty good.

Where Are The Digimon Survive Reviews?

It would appear that Digimon Survive review copies are only just now being sent out, so we might have to wait a few more days for some official reviews to hit the web.

What Are Players Saying So Far?

The Xbox Store doesn't have any user reviews for Digimon Survive as of yet, but the game currently holds a user score of "Very Positive" on Steam based around 250 ratings, with the main negative being a crashing issue on PC.

Here are some snippets from some of the "Most Helpful" reviews on Steam:

"This a great visual novel so far and the gameplay is rather fun when it happens (You do get the option to do free battles and grind but that happens about 3 hours in.) If you don't mind reading and you love Digimon I do recommend it, if you aren't into them I would stay away. Even hardcore Digimon fans might struggle with this title."

"If you like visual novels and/or tactic games. you'll love it. Kinda like Digimon meets Fire Emblem with a hint of Persona."

"This is a visual novel first and foremost, everything else second. 5 hours in as of this review, and I've only had about 30 minutes of combat. It's a pretty game, I love the artist (did other Digimon Games and Devil Survivor) and the music is great so far."

"As a heads up for folks unaware, this is definitely more a visual novel first and a strategy RPG second (or third even), so don't go in expecting pure RPG action happening."

So there you go! It sounds like Digimon Survive works well as a visual novel overall, but has the potential to leave some players disappointed with its lack of combat. In other words, it might not suit everyone, even including Digimon fans.

Have you had a chance to play Digimon Survive yet? Let us know down in the comments below.

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