Deals: 70+ Games Added To This Week's Xbox Sales (July 19-25)

Welcome to a new set of weekly Xbox deals! As you might expect, the list is much smaller than usual this week due to the Ultimate Game Sale (the Summer Sale) also currently taking place, which itself features offers on over 500 games.

You can read about the Summer Sale deals elsewhere on Pure Xbox, but below, we've listed every single Deals with Gold and Spotlight offer on Xbox over the next week, courtesy of Major Nelson's roundup on the Xbox website.

The following offers are expected to expire next week on Tuesday, July 25th.

Content Title Sale Discount
Ambition Record Deals With Gold 30%
An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs Deals With Gold 33%
Black Legend Deals With Gold 60%
Bloodshore Deals With Gold 20%
Bound By Flame Deals With Gold 80%
Call of Cthulhu Deals With Gold 75%
Chess Ultra Deals With Gold 65%
Cloudpunk Deals With Gold 60%
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2/3 Bundle!! Deals With Gold 67%
Darksiders Deals With Gold 75%
Don’t Knock Twice Deals With Gold 50%
FOCUS INDIES BUNDLE: Curse of the Dead Gods + Shady Part of Me + Aeon Must Die! Deals With Gold 50%
Frontlines: Fuel of War Deals With Gold 75%
Justice Chronicles Deals With Gold 35%
Life of Fly 2 Deals With Gold 35%
Maid of Sker Deals With Gold 55%
Mutazione Deals With Goldb 20%
MX Unleashed Deals With Gold 75%
NASCAR 21: Ignition Deals With Gold 30%
NASCAR 21: Ignition – Champions Edition Deals With Gold 15%
NASCAR 21: Ignition – Season Pass Deals With Gold 30%
Nobody Saves the World Deals With Gold 20%
Outbreak Diamond Collection Deals With Gold 50%
Outbreak: The Undying Collection Deals With Gold 75%
PictoQuest Deals With Gold 20%
Poker Club Deals With Gold 25%
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Deals With Gold 45%
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Street Fighter Pack Deals With Gold 45%
Revenant Saga & Revenant Dogma Deals With Gold 30%
SELF: Where’s my father Deals With Gold 40%
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Deals With Gold 80%
Snooker 19 Deals With Gold 65%
Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator Deals With Gold 30%
Super Street: The Game Deals With Gold 70%
SUPERBEAT: XONiC Deals With Gold 80%
Sword of Elpisia Deals With Gold 30%
Tales from the Borderlands Deals With Gold 25%
The Complex Deals With Gold 30%
Vampyr Deals With Gold 75%
Venus: Improbable Dream Deals With Gold 30%
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground Deals With Gold 50%
Wife Quest Deals With Gold 20%
XCOM 2: Reinforcement Pack Deals With Gold 80%
XCOM: 2 Resistance Warrior Pack Deals With Gold 60%
Akuto: Showdown Spotlight Sale 50%
Apocalipsis: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Spotlight Sale 60%
F1 22 Champions Edition Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S Spotlight Sale 25%
Gangsta Paradise Spotlight Sale 75%
Gnomes Garden 3 in 1 Bundle Spotlight Sale 70%
Golf With Your Friends – Caddy Pack Spotlight Sale 50%
Lost Sea Spotlight Sale 90%
Moving Out – The Employees of the Month Pack Spotlight Sale 40%
Mugsters Spotlight Sale 80%
NASCAR 21: Ignition – Patriotic Pack Spotlight Sale 50%
NASCAR 21: Ignition – Playoff Pack Spotlight Sale 50%
NASCAR 21: Ignition – Throwback Pack Spotlight Sale 50%
Penarium Spotlight Sale 80%
Planet Alpha Spotlight Sale 80%
Portal of Evil: Stolen Runes Spotlight Sale 60%
Resident Evil Village & Resident Evil 7 Complete Bundle Spotlight Sale 35%
Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition Spotlight Sale 40%
Retro Tanks Spotlight Sale 50%
Stories: The Path of Destinies & Omensight Bundle Spotlight Sale 85%
Super Blackjack Battle II Turbo Edition Spotlight Sale 80%
Super Dungeon Bros Spotlight Sale 85%
Super Dungeon Bros MEGA Bundle Pack Spotlight Sale 80%
Super Star Blast Spotlight Sale 30%
The Count Lucanor Spotlight Sale 80%
The Inner World Spotlight Sale 75%
Verlet Swing Spotlight Sale 80%
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground – Spoils of War Weapon Pack Spotlight Sale 33%
Watch Dogs 2 – Season Pass Spotlight Sale 60%
Without Escape: Console Edition Spotlight Sale 60%

Picking up anything in this week's Xbox sales? Tell us down in the comments section below.

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