Narrative RPG Citizen Sleeper dropped on Xbox Game Pass earlier this year, and we found it a perfect fit for the Game Pass library. The developer always had plans to expand the game with free DLC episodes too, and the first of those arrives later this month.

'Episode FLUX' comes to Citizen Sleeper on July 28th, bringing a whole new story arch to the game's campaign. Here's a little more about Citizen Sleeper's first DLC episode:

Pressures in the Helion system have brought the first ships of a refugee flotilla to Erlin's Eye. Meet and help those that get on-station before the quarantine locks them out.

Future episodes feature on the game's DLC roadmap, but we don't have too much info on them right now. Episode 2 is aiming to land in October 2022, before the third DLC launches in early 2023.

Will you be jumping back in to Citizen Sleeper to try out this free DLC? Comment below!