Halo 5

Games go through masses and masses of concept phases, especially huge AAA projects like, you know, launching a mainline Halo title. Well, Bungie designer Jeff Christy has shared some concepts from their time working on Halo 5 and Halo Infinite, and some of these look quite different to the final products!

First up, Halo 5. The team was working on a more 3D aesthetic to game's menu design, with the UI appearing further integrated into the game world. Elements like map overviews, forge editing, and post-match scoreboards were all 3D and looked like a part of the game themselves.

Christy also worked on Halo Infinite, and the designer has showcased some of those concepts too. Again, the game's menus and 'TACMAP' feature looked more three dimensional in the concept phase, versus the more digital, 2D look we got in the final game.

There are way more concept images and videos on Christy's ArtStation page, which we highly recommend having a browse at to see how both Halo 5 and Infinite were iterated on during development. Ultimately, the final designs are pretty good, but we really dig some of these concepts, especially the Halo 5 weapon bench!

What do you think to these concepts? Happy with what we got in the end? Let us know!