Battlefield 2042 DICE

Battlefield 2042 turned out a pretty controversial entry in the long running first person shooter franchise. Even before all the post-launch drama arrived surrounding the state of the game, EA decided to cull a single-player campaign for last year's game. However, it looks like that move will be reverted with future entries.

The company has posted a new job listing, looking for developers for its EA Seattle studio. A Design Director that'll "manage the design team and design vision of a new Battlefield campaign" is one such available position, meaning yep, EA is looking to bring back Battlefield's campaign mode. Here's part of the job description:

Your job is to embrace the core tenets of the Battlefield franchise and make sure they are woven through all layers of a masterfully designed single player campaign. You will build the studio's design team and culture and build an amazing campaign from concept through release.

How that campaign will take shape remains to be seen. The two historical entries before 2042 opted for 'War Stories'; a selection of individual story missions that made up a broader campaign mode. We liked these quite a lot, but this listing seems to hint at a more comprehensive campaign effort next time around.

For now, the core DICE studio says it's fully focused on Battlefield 2042, although it's pretty safe to say that work will have begun on the next series entry. As for it's time period and setting? We know nothing on those details just yet.

Are you happy to see campaign return to Battlefield? Or should MP remain the big focus? Let us know below!