343 Responds To 'Urgent' Data Hog Issue In Halo Infinite Multiplayer

A few days ago, a Twitter user by the name of NicmeistaR brought to light that Halo Infinite appeared to be using up far too much internet data during multiplayer games — or more specifically, after the multiplayer game had completed.

According to their research, a match itself was only using just over 10MB of data, but then when you returned to the main menu, another 300MB of data was being retrieved (sometimes even more than that!).

In response to the concern, 343 Industries told players it was "investigating" the issue this past Friday.

Then, about six hours later, a backend update was deployed, in an attempt to permanently fix the problem.

As you can see, it seems like this has done the trick, and it's fair to say many Halo players are relieved! For those on data caps, playing Halo Infinite's multiplayer no longer needs to be something to worry about.


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