Xbox Reveals 'Project Moorcroft', A New Demos Service For Game Pass Members

Microsoft has today unveiled what it's calling "Project Moorcroft", which is a game demos service that is specifically for Xbox Game Pass members. It was leaked earlier this week in a report by journalist Tom Henderson.

The company says it will be rolling out this service within the next year, and the idea is to "bring the fun and discovery of playing new, curated demos of upcoming games to our Xbox Game Pass members."

"The program will begin rolling out within the next year, beginning with a focus on providing independent developers from around the world more opportunities to build excitement for their games."

Details are otherwise limited on Project Moorcroft for now, but we do know that participating developers will be compensated for getting involved, and will also have access to data to show how their demos are performing.

Look out for more details on Project Moorcroft at some point over the next 12 months!

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