Earlier this month, we finally got a rootin' tootin' release date for Evil West, the upcoming shooter from the team that brought us Shadow Warrior, and the recently-released Trek to Yomi. Well, just a few short weeks later, the team has treated us to an extended gameplay sequence and boy does this one look impressive.

Evil West mashes up the Wild West with, well, evil things, lots of evil things. It almost looks like DOOM meets Red Dead Redemption, which is one hell of a mashup if we've ever heard of one. In action, it looks even more impressive.

"The trailer also gives you a look at the minimal interface while you play, as well as the menu you’ll access to craft your playstyle, upgrading your deadly arsenal and unlocking new perks to evolve your monster-slaying mastery.

Delve further into monster-infested locations, facing hulking abominations, screeching monstrosities and ancient vampires as your mission to destroy the ultimate evil leads you far into the darkness to take on spectacular boss fights."

Flying Wild Hog's latest effort hits Xbox platforms on September 20th, so we're not far off at all! Sadly, this one isn't coming to Game Pass at launch, but it's looking worth the separate purchase we have to say.

Will you be bounty hunting later this year in Evil West's rendition of the Wild West? Let us know below!