If you were watching the Xbox Games Showcase Extended 2022 show yesterday, you may have seen a segment in which Xbox highlighted 15 ID@Xbox games in development around the world right now.

It was a bit of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, so we've included the trailer at the top of this article for you to watch again, along with a list of all the games featured as part of it below. Here's the roundup:

  • Tinykin (Splashteam, France)
  • Spiderheck (Neverjam, Latvia)
  • A Perfect Day (A Perfect Day Studio, China)
  • Autonauts (Denki, UK)
  • Wrestling With Emotions (Team Lazerbeam, South Africa)
  • Togges (Regular Studio, Brazil)
  • Sopa (Studiobando, Colombia)
  • Flat Eye (Monkeymoon, France)
  • Coral Island (Stairway Games, Indonesia)
  • Ukiyo (Seaknot Studios, Japan)
  • Soup Pot (Chikon Club, Philippines)
  • Slime Heroes (Pancake Games, United States)
  • Lonesome Village (Ogre Pixel, Mexico)
  • Phantom Abyss (Team Wiby, Australia/Ukraine)
  • Hollow Knight: Silksong (Team Cherry, Australia)

Xbox refrained from giving out release dates or Game Pass information during the show, although we already know the likes of Hollow Knight: Silksong are coming to the service, so let's hope a few more show up eventually as well.

Which of these are you liking the look of? Let us know down in the comments below.