The Crew 2 Next Gen

Update: We've now got an exact date for this 60fps update, which arrives on July 6th, 2022!

Original story: It's been almost four years since Ubisoft launched The Crew 2, its massive open world racing game. Developer Ivory Tower has continued to support the game since, and that will continue into Year 5. In a somewhat surprising move though, those Year 5 updates will include proper next-gen support.

The developer says it's hard at work getting the game running at 60fps on Xbox Series X|S, and that work has just entered the testing phase. In terms of a timeline, Ivory Tower is hoping next-gen support comes by July 2022, when Year 5 support begins.

This is all detailed in a recent announcement video, where other aspects of the game's Year 5 support are discussed. The developer is also making changes to the game's core handling model, aiming for a more fun and consistent experience across the board.

These are some top community requested features, and it's good to see Ivory Tower and Ubisoft continue to support the game with fundamental changes well after launch. We'll certainly be dipping back in to test out these new additions this summer.

Will you be trying out The Crew 2 at 60fps on next-gen? Let us know in the comments.