You may have noticed earlier this week that one of the Xbox Game Pass additions for Tuesday, June 7th is a game called Spacelines From The Far Out, which is actually releasing for the first time that day as an Xbox console exclusive.

So, what is it? It's officially described as "a ‘roguelike-like’ co-op management game about airlines in space", in which the idea is to run your own 60s-inspired space-age alien airlines throughout a randomly generated experience, complete with lots of unlockables, upgrades, customisation elements, a game-balancing Game Director AI, and much more.

And yes, the co-op element means you can play Spacelines From The Far Out either in local multiplayer or online multiplayer with up to three other players, so this sounds like a great addition if you're a fan of party games like Overcooked.

Look out for Spacelines From The Far Out on Xbox Game Pass next Tuesday, June 7th.

Wanting to pilot a Spaceship? Run your own Spaceline? Then look no further! Deal with nosey passengers, overzealous health inspectors, random asteroids, and more!

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