Some Lucky Halo Infinite Players Just Got An Exclusive Vehicle Skin Early

If you play Halo Infinite multiplayer on a regular basis, or even just subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you've likely seen the latest perk - allowing you to unlock a 'Pass Tense' coating for the Razorback vehicle.

While this is what Halo's socials said, it seems there's been a bit of a mix-up - with players discovering it actually unlocks a 'Pass Tense' skin for the Rocket Warthog. 343 has now resolved this error, and anyone who did receive this vehicle coating can keep it.

Here's an official response from 343 via the Halo subreddit:

"Hey y'all – Thanks for flagging. We took a look at this and noticed the same and took steps to update this. If you redeemed your code and received the Rockethog, you get to keep it and you should now have your Razorback. If you have not redeemed your codes yet, they should now be granting the Razorback correctly. I believe when the Rockethog rolls around (pun intended), those of you that already have it will simply be ahead of the curve. Hopefully that helps clarify a bit!"

If you did receive this, you not only get to keep the Rocket Warthog vehicle coating but will also receive the Razorback one. And don't worry if you missed out, because as mentioned, the Rockethog one will show up officially in time.

Did you receive both of these skins in the end? Do you even redeem Game Pass perks like this? Leave a comment below.