The Quarry

Developer Supermassive Games is back with another cinematic horror title, this time more in-line with PS4's Until Dawn. Reviews on The Quarry are just hitting the web, and it's going down pretty well so far it seems!

Here's a quick peek at some early opinions on this 80s horror-inspired title. Will it be a day one buy, or is it one for backlog? Let's have a look.

Pure Xbox (8/10)

The Quarry sees Supermassive Games back on top form with a spiritual successor to the superlative Until Dawn that comes mighty close to knocking that classic off its lofty perch. There's a fantastic cast of well-observed characters to get to know here, a narrative that packs in several threats and plenty of twists, turns and light-hearted moments to sit alongside its shocks and juicy revelations. With jaw-dropping visuals, a cracking soundtrack and plenty in the way of replayability in order to see every outcome on offer, this is an interactive horror experience that's well worth jumping into.

GameSpot (9/10)

Its cinematography is often stunning, effectively capturing fog creeping through a forest or the reflection of the moon on the lake's surface. It constantly toys with the contrast between light and dark, too, allowing for surprises to emerge from the shadows when you least expect it. The camerawork is also much improved, creating suspense through oppressive close-ups and moments where the camera will hang back, framing its characters as though an unseen stalker is behind the lens.

Game Informer (8.5/10)

Supermassive has made The Quarry more of a cinematic experience than an interactive one. The lack of control is a little disappointing but keeping the teenagers alive mainly through decisions – of which there is a slew of them – was more than enough to keep me going.

Destructoid (8.5/10)

While I can’t say I’m dying to do another full playthrough immediately — this is not a short game! — I will say I was into The Quarry just about every step of the way. I’m stoked to see some alternate pathways and gnarly deaths when they pop up on YouTube, and I’ll do a second run sooner than later. I’ll be in the mood again by Halloween for sure.
The Quarry is just as good as I was hoping it would be, and that’s a pleasant surprise.

Dexerto (8/10)

Those who have enjoyed prior Supermassive titles will find a lot to love in The Quarry. The developer has refined its interactive storytelling skills and the game really goes to town with the butterfly effect gameplay, while managing to be a stellar spookfest at the same time.

GAMINGBible (8/10)

The Quarry’s developer Supermassive Games has named this game as a spiritual successor to Until Dawn, yet there are a number of evolutions on the predecessor’s gameplay. There is no longer an option to say nothing and the relationships between characters are no longer visible in the pause menu. What you will get is a situation specific notification if a character is becoming impatient, or starts to trust you, or is surprised by your actions.

The Loadout (8/10)

Without a doubt, The Quarry is the best interactive horror experience Supermassive Games has shipped to date. If you’re a fan of this type of game, or the horror genre in general, you’ll love what’s on offer. It evokes the atmosphere of a cult 80s horror classic, despite the contemporary setting, and it gives you as a player more agency than comparable games that have come before – if you want it, anyway.

It's looking like a home run for Supermassive then, after mixed reception for most of its Dark Pictures Anthology thus far. The Quarry currently sits at 81 on Metacritic (PC) at the time of writing, which is pretty impressive!

Will you be looking at picking up The Quarry its June 10th launch? Let us know down below!

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