Roundup: Here's What The Critics Are Saying About F1 22

F1 22 hits early access tomorrow, June 28th, three days before the game's full release on July 1st. This is the second entry in the series since EA bought out developer Codemasters, and we're intrigued to see if the publisher has had much of an effect with this release.

So, we've had a bit of a browse at some early reviews that are starting to hit the web ahead of public early access, and folks seem impressed! Our review will be live on the site shortly, but we're spending a bit more time with it first.

Here are some early impressions of F1 22:

GameSpew (9/10)

"For Formula One fans, it’s easier than ever to recommend F1 22. Significant changes have been made here to not only keep the game up to date, but also more immersive, more expansive and more fun. The only real disappointment is F1 Life, which feels a like a good idea in principle but very poorly executed. And of course, the lack of a story mode will be a let-down to some, too. Ultimately, F1 22 takes a couple of steps forward and couple back, but where it matters – in its gameplay and stellar career mode – it’s still very much at the front of the pack."

PC Gamer (8.4/10)

"Small gripes aside, F1 22 is simply another brilliant simulation of the sport; the most convincing and exhaustive there's ever been. However, great though the improvements are, it's also the most modest evolution we've seen for a while. The supercars and avatar nonsense make the game appear new without really changing it meaningfully, and certainly don't make up for the absence of last year's 'Braking Point' story mode. It's still an easy purchase to recommend as it's a masterclass in racing game design and plays extremely well, but the annual release hasn't felt this unnecessary since F1 2014."

PCGamesN (7/10)

"The second – and this one isn’t F1 22’s fault so much as the 11 previous games and the nature of the modern games industry – is the cumulative fatigue of having been through this experience so many times before in previous iterations, and having so little meaningful new content in F1 22 to relieve it. It’s still fantastic to have all the cars, tracks, driver likenesses, commentary, a deep career mode, and comprehensive online options. But we’ve been treated to them many times, and spent many, many hours in those previous ecosystems. We’re bound to find ourselves dulled to their charms eventually."

Push Square (7/10)

"Overall, F1 22 is another high quality simulation of the motorsport, with great handling and detailed, engrossing career modes. While the presentation is strong and the game generally looks and sounds great, some aspects like character models just aren't quite where they should be, and F1 Life doesn't add all that much to the experience. We encountered more bugs than expected, too, although we expect patches will iron those out in due course. It's got it where it really counts, then, but some extra polish would put it higher on the grid."

Dexerto (8/10)

"In the end, though, F1 22 is about racing, and that’s where this game is at its best. From beginner to expert, casual fan to Formula 1 obsessive, there’s room for everyone to get behind the wheel of these incredible machines and go racing."

The Independent (8/10)

"If you’re intimately familiar with some of the quality of life changes introduced in F1 21, then the latest addition will give existing players plenty to look forward to and newcomers can comfortably settle into the seat before taking on more complex maneuvers and adjustments in their own time."

The Sixth Axis (7/10)

"The cars themselves are fairly fun to drive, a nice change of pace as they generally feel like heavy, slow, lumbering beasts (albeit with their own individual handling feel) when compared to the ultra-fast ultra-grippy ultra-downforce-y F1 cars you’re normally racing. They’re also good for driving these Astons, Ferraris, McLarens and Mercedes around tracks that aren’t commonly found in Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa or GRID, but again, they feel like a sideshow and you’d probably be heading to those game series over this one for your supercar racing. Just beware some of them come with a near incessant tyre squeal."

F1 22 is looking pretty darn good so far then, as Codemasters continues its winning streak with the series. It's currently sitting at 85 on Metacritic, which is a solid turnout thus far!

Are you looking forward to taking F1 22 for a spin? Let us know in the comments!

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