Now that we finally know what Arkane's Redfall actually is, we've been keen to learn a little more about the structure of the game and how it all works. Thankfully, game designer Harvey Smith recently sat down with IGN to discuss all things Redfall, sharing co-op details, endgame content and more.

To start off, Smith shared that while the developer considered many different options regarding player progress, in the end, the team decided to tie campaign progress to the lobby host. So, if you're joining someone else's co-op game, your story progress won't be saved after the session ends.

Redfall Xbox

This is a bit of a bummer for those wanting to mix and match lobbies, but thankfully, character levels and loot acquired do carry over persistently. This also means that once you've wrapped up a campaign run and have a solid endgame build, you can then take that character and play a new campaign save with all your gear and upgrades intact, almost working like a new game+ option.

Smith also discussed plenty of other Redfall details, including the decision making process behind allowing duplicate characters in co-op, how its "procedural" AI works, and more juicy story details. Here's the full video, courtesy of IGN:

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