This isn't something you see every day, folks. YouTube channel 'Will It Work?' has decided to attempt a bit of a different setup with their Xbox Series S. Rather than using a traditional controller to tackle Halo Infinite and Shredders, they've gone for, yep, a Nintendo Power Glove.

This 80's accessory is famous to this day for being one of the weirdest to grace the gaming market. It hardly took off, but it was memorable, so much so that people are still finding ways to use it. This might be the strangest yet!

As the video goes on, the YouTuber plays a little bit of Halo Infinite, messing about on the game's 'Live Fire' multiplayer map. The big problem? The Power Glove can't handle right stick movement so, you can't really aim. Still, it does boot up (with an adapter of course) and the game is playable, albeit in a limited capacity.

Shredders fares a little better, due to the game's lesser need for right stick movement. It still looks a little odd, waving your glove-adorned right arm around while making sweet jumps, but still, they get a 6/10 Shredders rating!

What weird and wonderful accessory do you wish worked with Xbox Series X|S? Let us know below!