Random: This Xbox App Helps You Unwind With Relaxing Background Sounds

Ever looked at your mahoosive list of Xbox games and apps and thought, 'I really want to listen to the sound of a roaring fireplace'? Yeah, us too when things get stressful (we're looking at you, Elden Ring) and now, we might all be in luck thanks to an app called 'Ambie White Noise' that's been brought to our attention.

'Ambie' is a Windows-based app that contains a selection of background sound scenarios focused on relaxation and just, chilling out. There's rainy sounds, bird sounds, a crackling fireplace, and more in here, and it's free!

The app's developer has also popped up on Reddit to let us all know that the app works on Xbox consoles as well as other Windows devices, which is music — and other chill sounds of course — to our ears.

There's another bonus to it being on Xbox as well, at least going by Reddit comments. One user has said that the app works when playing offline games on Xbox, so you can game and relax to your heart's content!

We've had a chance to quickly play around with Ambie White Noise on Xbox, and it's definitely a nice addition to our library of apps. It seems to work really well, and it has a selection of great reviews on the Xbox Store. Very nice!

Would you use this app to chill on Xbox? Let us know what you'd vibe to in the comments below.

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