PlayStation Store Conjures Speculation Over Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming To Xbox

We've been waiting such a long time for Final Fantasy VII Remake to finally make its way to Xbox that fans are jumping on any morsel of hope they can find, and that's what's happening at the moment thanks to a PlayStation Store listing.

It's been suggested by a few people that the game is no longer showing in a list of "PlayStation Console Exclusives" on the PlayStation Store, leading to speculation that it could be coming to Xbox in the not so distant future.

However, we think it's probably not worth getting your hopes up too much in this instance. The biggest reason for this is because the PlayStation Console Exclusives section of the PlayStation Store is missing some notable games, such as Persona 5 and even God of War, so it seems more likely that it's just not maintained very well.

Nevertheless, we're expecting Final Fantasy VII Remake to end up on Xbox eventually, so it's just a matter of how long it's going to take. Amazingly, it's been well over two years now since it first debuted for PS4, so surely it's about time...?

Do you think we'll see Final Fantasy VII Remake on Xbox this year? Tell us down in the comments below.