Phil Spencer Reacts As Xbox Is Praised For Being More Inclusive Than In The 2000s

Phil Spencer and a variety of other Xbox execs took to Twitter recently to respond to a comment from IGN's Rebekah Valentine, who spoke about how there's been a "massive, meaningful transformation" in the way Xbox has marketed itself to be a more inclusive brand over the years.

Rebekah explained that when she was growing up, she never saw Xbox as something she'd be interested in as it was marketed to be "edgy, masculine, [and] aggressively GAMER", but that's totally changed now:

In response, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer thanked Rebekah for her comments, explaining that there's "so much more to do" and even admitting that "it's not perfect at all". Here's what he had to say:

"Thanks, so much more for us to do. It's a journey and starts with team and our internal culture. Enabling a team to be authentic. It's also about content, how we talk about why we do things, and having our inclusive goals. It's not perfect at all and feedback is always important."

Various other members of Team Xbox chipped in to give their thoughts on this topic, such as Xbox Corporate Vice President Sarah Bond, who stated that Rebekah's comments "mean so much", and Xbox Social Media Manager Josh Stein, who revealed that "a lot of us feel this way internally also".

An interesting discussion, then, and it's nice to see Phil Spencer chipping in with his thoughts on the topic.

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