Pac-Man Museum+ Has Suffered A Rocky Start On Xbox Game Pass

Pac-Man Museum+ is one of the latest Xbox Game Pass additions, although its arrival hasn't been the smoothest so far. Since it was added to the service on May 27th, players have reported several issues regarding input latency, achievements, and even game-breaking crashes.

First up, input lag has been noticed across multiple titles within the Museum+ collection. The problems seem to be particularly bad on Xbox, as you can see from the comparison video below:

Also, there are reports that the game isn't even working properly, at least locally. Some users are having issues installing the game across multiple Xbox models, having to resort to the Xbox Cloud Gaming version to actually hop on and play.

Pac Man Museum Game Pass

Thankfully, some issues have already been addressed since launch. Initially, achievement lists weren't accessible for the game even after it released, but that's now been sorted and users can access their Pac-Man Museum+ achievement lists at this stage. As for the other issues? We'll have to be patient and hope they get ironed out soon.

Have you had issues with the newly-added Pac-Man collection on Game Pass? Tell us your thoughts down below.