Blizzard is finally opening the gates on its Overwatch 2 beta this week, with the initial rollout on Xbox starting today! If you'd previously signed up and been accepted you should be able to enter now, or you can jump in by buying the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack.

As for what the beta contains, yesterday's patch notes post breaks everything down, with all the included content and changes from the first Overwatch. The new 'Junker Queen' Hero is front and centre, with a fresh set of abilities.

The developer says that the main focus of the beta is to test cross-play functionality across the wide range of systems OW2 will launch on. The beta runs through July 18th, before the main game hits Xbox platforms on October 4th.

It'll initially release as a free-to-play title in October, after a change of release method from developer Blizzard. Eventually, the team intends to add in a story campaign of sorts sometime after launch, likely at a cost.

Will you be jumping into the Overwatch 2 beta? Or waiting for the free launch? Let us know!

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