Starfield was probably the biggest game of Xbox's summer showcase, with a 15-minute deep dive finally showing us Bethesda's next game in action. Well, if that deep dive wasn't enough, and you're desperate for any Starfield you can lock your eyes onto, a few more clips have cropped up via a new Game Pass trailer.

They're extremely brief, and don't show a whole lot of gameplay, but to our eye they are new, showing what appears to be unseen planets from within Starfield's vast universe. There's a lush green land that looks particularly inviting, along with something much darker and more mysterious.

We can't wait to find out just how much variety Starfield holds within its planets, factions, storylines and more. So far, things are looking pretty good ahead of the game's release in early 2023.

Will you be jetting off into Starfield on day one? Let us know down in the comments!