One of the downsides of today's Nintendo Direct Mini event was the announcement that Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which is coming out in 2023, will be available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam... but not Xbox.

Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those situations where Xbox has lost out. The game itself sees all 10 Mega Man Battle Network games being re-released for modern platforms, complete with a variety of improvements.

"Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection brings ten Battle Network adventures to modern platforms! Using a unique battle system that fuses action and card-game like mechanics, join Lan and MegaMan.EXE as they work together to stop evil forces that threaten Net Society! Unleash powerful Battle Chips in combat and forge new bonds to take on unique new traits, then unleash your power in combat to delete viruses."

"Featuring a music player with over 180 songs, a gallery with over 1,000 images, and an optional high-resolution filter, get ready to dive in to the Cyberworld with Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection!"

Following today's announcement, the phrase "no Xbox" began trending on Twitter in response to the collection not being available on the Xbox platform, but Capcom has yet to say anything on the lack of an Xbox port.

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