Keyboard & Mouse Support Is Being Added To Xbox Cloud Gaming On PC

Microsoft has announced that keyboard and mouse support will officially be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming at some point in the (hopefully) near future, although it seems that only PC support has been confirmed for xCloud thus far.

Revealed in a new Xbox Game Streaming presentation for developers (thanks Tom Warren for spotting it!), it was mentioned that the team is working on adding the KB&M cloud functionality for PC game streaming users:

"Not everyone knows, Xbox has supported keyboard and mouse for a few years now, and we're working on adding it to streaming for PC users, but you can start adding it to your game right now and your console keyboard and mouse users will appreciate it. It will light up in streaming when we finish adding it."

We've seen a lot of people taking this to mean that keyboard and mouse support is coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming for console as well as PC, but we're not 100% sure about that right now, as the wording seems to suggest that only PC is confirmed for the time being. Plus, Xbox Principal Engineering Lead Elliot Chong followed up this announcement on Twitter yesterday by simply stating "we see you, PC gamers".

However, it was suggested months ago by the Microsoft Flight Simulator team that keyboard and mouse support could be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming for console relatively soon, so who knows? Hopefully we'll find out more shortly.

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