Forza Motorsport's grand reveal remains our top pick from Xbox's big showcase this past weekend. Developer Turn 10 has been toiling away on this one for almost five years, and well, it really shows, looking at the game's first gameplay showcase.

It shows even more though, when you compare it to the previous release: Forza Motorsport 7. FM7 was no slouch; it was a real looker on Xbox One X and PC with maxed out settings. However, the contrast from Forza 7 to the new Forza Motorsport, is stark.

Trackside detail is hugely amped up, along with huge leaps in general visual fidelity and car model clarity. It's all on show in the above video, where Forza 7 maxed out on PC goes up against Forza Motorsport's demo at the recent Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.

All in all, Turn 10's upcoming racer is looking mighty fine indeed, and we can't wait to go hands on in spring 2023. We just hope that the leap in physics and gameplay feel match what we've seen so far with the visual overhaul. We're keeping the faith!

Are you looking forward to Forza Motorsport next year? Let us know down in the comments.