Finally, news on Forza Horizon 5 DLC! Well, the leaks were true, Playground Games is returning to the Hot Wheels well next month, with the launch of Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels on July 19th.

In terms of what to expect, it looks rather similar for the Forza Horizon 3 DLC of the same name to be honest. Sure, it'll be bigger and broader just like the main game, but other than that, this is more Forza Hot Wheels action. Let's hope Expansion 2 brings something a little more unique when it launches sometime in the future.

Here's a developer rundown of what Hot Wheels will bring to Forza Horizon 5:

"The new Horizon Hot Wheels Park has some of the fastest, most extreme tracks ever in a Horizon game, including more than 200 kilometres (that’s around 125 miles for our non-metric friends) of twisting, looping iconic orange track. Explore a sprawling Hot Wheels open world with new driving experiences such as gravity defying magnet tracks as well as ice, water flume, and rumble tracks."

"We’ve also added four new biomes, including the rugged Giant’s Canyon; the Ice Cauldron where frozen tundra drips into the glistening molten lava; Forest Falls which takes you high above the tree canopy and over epic waterfalls, and finally, the visually stunning Horizon Nexus, where the Horizon Festival is suspended among a web of Hot Wheels tracks."

How do you feel about more Hot Wheels? Glad to see Forza revisit it? Let us know down below!