Elden Ring Director Says Next FromSoftware Game Is Nearly Finished

Elden Ring only launched a few short months ago, but it's looking like developer FromSoftware is well on the way to launching its next game. The studio's director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, recently spoke with Japanese outlet 4Gamer about some upcoming projects. One mystery title at the studio seems further along than expected.

Discussion on this particular project stems from a previous 2018 interview where the Elden Ring director spoke about multiple titles being in the works at the studio. This new interview brought up those previous discussions, with Miyazaki responding about one particular game, saying "Yes, it is. We are in the final stages of development."

Now that Elden Ring is out there in the wild, it's safe to assume the majority of the team will have pivoted to working on this one then. We're not sure what it is, whether it's a sequel in another FromSoftware series like Dark Souls or not, but we should find out soon enough.

Elden Ring itself has gone on to become a massive success for the Japanese developer. The game sold more than 13 million copies in just over a month, which is a mighty impressive feat even with all the hype behind the title.

Has Elden Ring turned you into a FromSoft fan? Looking forward to their next effort? Let us know below!

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