As part of today's Capcom showcase, the development team heading up Resident Evil 4's shiny new remake provided us with a first proper look at gameplay. Alright, it wasn't much, but we'll take anything we can ahead of launch next year!

In line with Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, this remake pushes some gorgeous visuals through Capcom's RE Engine, and those famous RE4 locales look reborn in this upcoming remake.

That goes for the enemy design as well. Capcom states that it has completely redesigned the opening village's 'Ganados', in order to make them even more foreboding as you start to get going in RE4's storied campaign mode.

Beyond that, we didn't get much else on the Resident Evil 4 remake, aside from assurances that more announcements will be made in the coming months, leading up to its March 24th, 2023 release date.

Are you as hyped as us for RE4 Remake? Let us know down below!