Bethesda Confirms You Can't Manually Land On Planets In Starfield

More and more details about Starfield are beginning to trickle out following the game's grand reveal at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. One question that fans posed after the reveal was 'how do you travel between planets?' Well, the answer is that flying isn't fully player controlled, according to the developer.

In a recent interview with IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, Bethesda's Todd Howard opened up about Starfield and the game's various gameplay systems. Howard said he'd already spotted questions about landing on planets in your spaceship, and here's what he had to say on that:

"There are some things that we don't do, intentionally, to say oh is that really where we want to spend the time, what's going to be impactful. One for Starfield people have asked is 'well can you fly the ship straight down to the planet?' No. We decided early in the project that the on-surface is one reality and then when you're in space is another reality and if you try to really spend a lot of time engineering the in between — that segue — you're just spending a lot of time that's really just not that important to the player."

So, yeah, it seems that Bethesda feels developing a system for landing your craft manually on each planet isn't worth the time it'd take to implement. We understand this approach and agree that the surface experience and the space experience are what matters most.

Bethesda hasn't yet fully explained what will replace such a system, but we'd expect a brief transitional cutscene — not too dissimilar to the way Destiny works — when moving between different planets.

Are you disappointed you won't be able to manually land your craft in Starfield? Let us know down below.