Xbox UK Marketing Lead Calls Out Console War 'Abuse' On Twitter

Here we go again! Sadly, Xbox UK Marketing Lead Samuel Bateman has been taking to Twitter over the past 24 hours to complain about the "abuse" he's received for simply stating that the Xbox Series S is his favourite console.

Bateman mentioned that this simple tweet resulted in loads of abuse on the platform, and went on to claim that the only people engaging in this sort of toxic behaviour on social media "are some fairly insecure individuals".

Here's what he had to say in full:

"Less than 24 hours ago, I tweeted that I like the Xbox Series S. Twitter inserts me into the algorithm for gaming and you should see the amount of abuse I’ve received since then. Play what you want, on the device you want, with whoever you want."

"There is the perception that we are all at “conflict” with each other in the gaming industry and the reality just couldn’t be more different. The only people making toxic memes, targeting abuse and verbally tearing each other down are some fairly insecure individuals on social."

"The reality is that we all admire each other for our contribution to one of the greatest art and entertainment formats ever created. Every game, service & hardware from all companies is just a group of people trying to make a positive industry wide effort for all gamers."

This isn't the first time we've heard members of Team Xbox calling out console war toxicity, with Phil Spencer himself absolutely slamming it back in 2020, calling it "one of the worst things about our industry."

Unfortunately, you do come across a lot of this sort of thing on Twitter - hopefully it'll be a thing of the past one day.

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