Xbox Series X S

It's looking like Xbox has had a great first quarter of 2022, especially regarding hardware. Dollar sales of Xbox hardware from January to March 2022 are up 92% on the same period last year. Basically, sales of Xbox hardware have almost doubled year-on-year.

These figures are strictly for the US market, as reported on by NPD Group. However, we've heard similar success stories over in Europe, including a February where Xbox Series X|S consoles outsold the PS5.

The NPD report doesn't specify which individual console sold better, so we're not sure how Xbox Series X stacks up against Series S. However, there've been frequent Series X restocks as of late, so all signs are pointing towards healthier stock levels for Xbox Series X consoles recently.

This 92% surge in the US means Xbox came top of the pile regarding hardware dollar sales, however Nintendo sold more individual units of the Nintendo Switch than Xbox managed. Still, it's an impressive feat and one that bodes well for Xbox this generation, even if overall video game spending is down from 2021.

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